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About Wanda

Teacher and Author

Wanda Boggs has enjoyed writing the Sock Finders series. She taught in a Wisconsin elementary school for 30 years, and enjoyed the relationships she had with her students over the course of her career. 


When asked about life lessons, Wanda replied, “The students taught me far more than I taught them.” The Sock Finders’ books are focused on issues that kids deal with every day. The topics include friendship struggles, finding courage, overcoming jealousy, persevering and finding the best in other people. 


When asked  how theThe Sock Finders series started, Wanda shared that it began in an unusual way. Wanda was helping her son with a book assignment in third grade. Her son Derek worked with his mom and co-wrote and co-illustrated a book that was titled “Super Cat.” The story was about a cat who discovers that in order to become a superhero, all you need to do is help the next person in need. Super Cat was also written to explain where all our missing socks go. Children love the pairing of missing socks, imperfect animals, and adventure.


Super Cat sat on a shelf for fifteen years and then Wanda found the book in a closet. She read it several times and felt the book’s message might help encourage children and give them hope. After reading the book, she was inspired to write a second book and that is how Sock Finders started. Super Cat was changed to Sock Finders #1, On The Street. The second book through the seventh book each feature a different animal with a unique personality and a struggle.  


Wanda shared that readers will notice a difference between the illustrations in book one and books two through seven. She decided to keep the original pictures her and her son worked on in third grade. Wanda hopes this will be an encouragement to other children who are trying their hand at writing and illustrating. Wanda paired up with Carl Hansen who drew the illustrations for books two through seven. Carl started drawing the Sock Finders’ characters after he turned 80 years old. 


Wanda wants her readers to know several things. Never give up on a book idea and never give up on being an illustrator.  She said, “Your writing and drawing might be just what someone else needs to get them through tough times.”


Wanda realizes the power of words and books. Her life radically changed for the better in 2017, when she picked up what she now considers her favorite book: The Bible. She hopes you pick up this transformational book as well.

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